ATHLON Cronus 20-60x86mm ED


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Weight66.5 oz
Objective Lens Diameter86 mm
Field of View117-60 ft
Eye Relief0.78"
Close Focus29.5'
ED GlassYes
Chassis MaterialMagnesium Alloy
Prism MaterialBaK4
Scope Magnification20-60X
Power VariabilityVariable
Maximum Power60X
Minimum Power20X
XPL- Extra Protective CoatingYes
Lens CoatingAdvanced Fully Multi Coated
Exit Pupil4.1-1.3 mm
Finish ColorGreen
WarrantyAthlon Lifetime Warranty

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You’ve just adjusted focus on what had once been only an elusive lifelong quest- an Alaskan Bighorn or a red-throated pipit. We developed the Cronus to give you one of world’s best spotting scopes with brighter and clearer edge-to-edge detail. So whether you’re hunting above timberline in Alaska or birding at sea level at Cape May, you will know every detail of your trophy before you take the shot or mark it off your life list. The Cronus product line has just about every feature you would put in a scope to make it the best you can get in its class. We designed the Cronus with Apochromatic system to give you images that have greater contrast, sharpness and color definition. We included ED Glass that results in clearer and sharper image to your eyes. Our state of the art ESP (Enhance Spectral Prism) dielectric coating that reflects 99% of the light through the prism assembly. Other design enhancements include BaK-4 prisms and our “Advanced Fully Multi-Coated” lenses that deliver flawless color fidelity, ultra-crisp images and optimum light transmission. Finally we topped off with our XPL Lenses coating that protects the exterior lenses from scratches, dust and anything else mother nature throws at you



Apochromatic Lens SystemApochromatic lense system gives you the result of images which have greater contrast, sharpness and color definition
ED GlassED glass gives you an image with little or no chromatic fringe so the final result brings a clearer and sharper image to your eyes
ESP Dielectric CoatingESP Dielectric Coating is a multilayer prism coating that reflects over 99% of the light to your eyes bringing you a clear, bright image that displays accurate color reproduction.
Magnesium ChassisMagnesium chassis give you the strength of a metal chassis while reducing the weight as much as 30%
XPL CoatingXPL Coating gives you an extra protection on the exterior lenses from dirt, oil and scratches
Bak4 PrismBak-4 glass prisms reflect more light to your eyes which will give you brighter and sharper image.
Advanced Fully Multi-CoatedAdvanced Fully Multi-Coated lenses give you better light transmission to bring optimum brightness and true color across the entire light spectrum.
Argon PurgedArgon Purging uses the inertia gas with bigger size molecules to purge any moisture out of  the tube giving you better waterproofing and thermal stability.
WaterproofWaterproof to protects the binocular in the harshest weather conditions or if accidentally submerged underwater
Dual FocusDual focus has  dual speed focus knobs that offer both faster and finer focus adjustment
Rotating RingRotating Ring allows you to rotate the scope around tripod supporting ring into the most comfortable and convenient angle for observation


Objective Lens Diameter86 mm
Prism GlassBak 4
Apochromatic Lens SystemYes
ESP Dielectric CoatingYes
XPL CoatingYes
ED GlassYes
Lense CoatingAdvanced Fully Multi-Coated
Field of View117-60 ft
Exit Pupil 4.1-1.3 mm
Eye Relief0.78-0.7"
Close Focus29.5′
Dimension (LxW)13.6"X3.9"
Weight66.5 oz



Great Scope - Let me save you the legwork ;D

Here is a summary for this review: If you can only spend $600 and want a nice wide FOV at 20X, then buy the Nikon Prostaff, If you have $800 and care more about the high end zoom performance (40X+) then buy the Athlon Ares. If you have $2700 then maybe you want the Nightforce TS-82 (I can't be sure as I could not afford that and it's not one of the scopes compared below), but you have $1500 and want a really impressive scope then the Athlon Cronus is the scope for you. I did not compare it with the Vortex Razor because after seeing online from independent sources that the Razor appears to have a cold temperature issue with its eyepiece and many people are selling open box returns of them online, I decided I had to limit the Razor out from the comparison (return shipping to multiple vendors for all these scopes gets expensive with insurance and signature, etc....) To be fair, I have not cold temperature cycled the Cronus in providing the evaluation below. For me this was expensive, so I will baby my scope as much as possible, and am not going to stick it in the freezer just for you folks ;D. With that said, I purchased and returned several scopes from several different vendors/mfg's before deciding to keep this scope. I compared it directly side by side with the Nikon Prostaff, Celestron Regal M2, Sightron, Meopro and others. Note, there is not another adjustable eye piece of higher quality available for the Regal M2 than the one that comes with it - what a waste of a 100 mm ED objective.... All of the other scopes had some feature I liked; I wish I could take the best feature from each and combine them into one scope (rubber on the Meopro, the protective cover on the Sightron), but as far as the optical performance was concerned, the Athlon Cronus beat them all and to a degree quickly discernible in looking through them. It's the only scope that had a crisp and clear image edge to edge at both low and high magnification and also provided a wide field of view at 20X, but also the brightest and sharpest image at 60X. It's a really nice scope. When I first looked through it at 20X at mts 3 miles away, I had to double check it wasn't set at 60x - even though there was a wide field of view, everything seemed closer than with the other scopes, and yet at 60x I could still make out individual weeds blowing in the wind on a mtn side over 4 miles away as the sun was setting. After the sun had set, I could still make out branches on a juniper on top of a mtn over 3 miles away. I also focused it on a cactus at about 300 yards at dusk just to make sure the close distance view was clear and I could almost see the needles after the sun had long set... The fit and finish of the objective and eyepiece are smooth and tight, and the eye piece rotation is smooth and quiet, also the eyepiece is beefy and wide. It only takes between 1/2 and 1/8 turn (depending on distance to object) on the fine adjustment knob to go from focused at low power to focused at high power and you don't sit there going back and forth forever trying to find the sweet spot like you do with lesser scopes; it's clear when you can see lots of detail at distance so you don't waste a bunch of time trying to fine tune for a focus point that doesn't exist on the other scopes. The rubber objective and eye piece caps fit nice and tight and the sunshade slides smooth and seems to have a good fit as well. All of the other scopes had some limitation compared with the Cronus, be it at the high end or low end of magnification, FOV, brightness, sharpness, etc. I would expect the TS-82 or some other $3K+ scope outperforms this scope, but you can only ask so much of a $1500 scope. The only cons I guess would be that I wish it was rubber coated and came with a more functional protective cover that snugs the scope when you are using it, but these are minor and I'm willing to sew up (or go to a tailor) for these items on my own. Also, it looks like they only make the angled eye piece and I know a friend who likes straight so he can swap out his scope for binos without adjusting his seat height, but I don't mind dealing with this issue and would rather adjust my seat then not be able to get the full range of performance this scope can give compared to others at it's price point and below (and maybe above to some extent, depending on the mfg given what I have seen). Regarding binos, in the field I have had the opportunity to look through Nikon Monarch, Leupold Mt. McKinley, and Swarovsky binos and I don't think I would spend the extra money on the Swarovsky binos as the difference was pretty small. In similar fashion, I'm glad I didn't buy the Meopro, but I am happy with this scope and feel I got what I paid for in buying this scope. The difference between this scope and the others I compared it with is much greater than the difference between the binos I listed above. I hope this has been helpful and I'm pretty sure you'll be happy if you buy this scope, I know I am.

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    ATHLON Cronus 20-60x86mm ED

    ATHLON Cronus 20-60x86mm ED

    Select any free gift with Athlon purchases above $250!

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