About Us

Marksman Guide, headquartered in, Bethlehem Pennsylvania, is a specialized retailer of select optics and shooting accessories. Since the company’s founding, we have aimed to provide professional guidance and superior products and service to a diverse group of customers. Many of them actively practice such disciplines as long-range shooting,3-Gun, PCC, and hunting. 

Our Promise

We believe our customers deserve the best. We want to share our passion for the outdoors and shooting sports with our customers by delivering outstanding products and service. We understand the value quality products bring to our customers so we only offer and recommend products that we would use ourselves. 

Retailers seem to be following the trend of becoming less specialized and moving toward a “general store” model. We believe the old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” can be applied to such a model because with a wide range of products, it’s impossible to excel at everything. Therefore, we have resolved to specialize in a few select product lines and deliver excellent service.